Bigro feeder

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The Bigro is a variant of the Drowaco series Verba pig feeder, suited for piglets or fattening pigs. The Bigro is an extremely robust dry pig feeder with an integrated drinking trough. This drinking trough, with its stainless steel drinker nipple, is completely separate from the feeder part. The Bigro hog feeder comes in various models, making it perfect for both small and large groups of pigs. All feeder models are also available in double versions.

– Piglets: 4 to 6 feed spaces, 2 to 3 drinking troughs, single and double sided
– Fattening pigs: 4 feed spaces, 2 drinking troughs, single and double sided
– Best results thanks to perfect water/feed ratio
– White inner surfaces for the best feed intake and hygiene
– 11mm highest quality, unbreakable plastic
-Trough manufactured from high quality type 304 stainless steel
– Stainless steel trough raised from the floor – to allow for more effective cleaning
– Ingenious anti-spill rim, prevents feed spilling / feed wastage and gives the best Feed conversion FCR
– Heavy weight feeder designed for long life

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