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We value quality and reliability. That is why we are the official dealer for a number of companies. Thanks to these collaborations, we can provide you with the highest quality products.

Fancom is currently a leader in improving livestock processes for pig and poultry farmers. Thanks to smart climate, feed and biometric systems, sensors and computers, we will improve your operating result and the living environment of your animals.

Van Osch Uden guarantees the best quality complete pig housing equipment. In addition, they provide total solutions. From grid floors and feeders to the most specific (customised) parts and security equipment. And everything of top quality.

VERBA has been a producer of feed troughs for companies and animals for over 50 years. From piglet hoods and underfloor heating to drinking troughs and feeding troughs. They guarantee the highest quality and produce all products 100% in the Netherlands.

Power-Cal is de enige zeer poreuze kalksoort zonder magnesium en zonder calciumhydroxide. Power-Cal kan dus veel vocht binden en dit ook weer loslaten.

Nooyen is a family business that has been actively farming pigs for many decades. They have been producing floorsystems since 1978 based on your own practical experience. These systems are designed to continuously improve pig breeding results.

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